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The professionals from Air Specialist HVAC use a standard rule of thumb is that if your air conditioner, furnace or heat pump is over 10 years old, it very likely needs to be replaced by a more energy-efficient unit. Otherwise, the HVAC repair bills and replacement parts will begin to add up as the unit ages. Call 703-936-2594 today. 24/7 emergency service available.

When considering the cost of installing a new air conditioning system, keep in mind the savings you can realize on your power bill by purchasing Energy Star approved products. Also, when you call 713-936-2594, check for rebates, tax credits or utility company incentives to help you offset the cost of purchasing and installing a new energy-efficient HVAC unit.

Air Conditioner, Furnace or Heat Pump Upgrade: Saving Money Every Day

If you call our HVAC team to upgrade your current heating and cooling system, there are money saving devices that you can install to help your unit run more efficiently. Upgrading to a heat pump system can save up to 15% on power bills year round and cost less than you may think to install. Devices like a variable speed blowers can be added to boost the performance of your existing system and save money by reducing the power required to keep your home at a constant temperature.

Programmable Thermostat Reduces Air Conditioning and Heating Costs

Another energy saving device that is often installed by our Baytown air conditioning repair technicians that can boost the performance of your existing heating and air conditioning system is a programmable thermostat. These handy devices allow you to adjust the temperature in your home based on your regular schedule, so that when you are away for home or tucked in bed, the system automatically adjusts the temperature so you don’t waste electricity on air conditioning or heating. It can also be programmed to turn on just in time to have your home’s temperature adjusted to a comfortable level when you arrive home or get out of bed, which is very convenient for busy families.

Don’t Install Cheap, Builder’s Grade HVAC Equipment

“Builder’s Grade” Baytown HVAC equipment typically has a less features and a lower efficiency rating that regular commercial products. This type of appliance is usually a ‘bare bones’ model that builders buy in quantity to cut costs on big construction contracts. Since they have short life span, they may cost less to purchase, but the Baytown air conditioningrepair bills can potentially offset the initial savings. Often they have a shorter warranty and do not offer the kind of factory support and available replacement parts like higher grade HVAC equipment.

Commercial Air Conditioner and Heating Repair

Baytown TX has the benefit of being serviced by several good heating and air contractors. Hopefully, after Air Specialists repairs your commercial air conditioner and furnace, your feel that our technicians aer the best of the best. Emergency calls are no problem. Call nights and weekends for ac repair.